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Buying a home

When a buying a home you may have lot of questions about the financial portion of the purchase. here are some frequently ask questions that may help you.
Q. How long does it take for your to process and close my loan? for a home purchase, the time it takes between submitting your loan application to sitting at the closing table averages about 30 days.
Q. What do i need to qualify for a home loan? Guidelines vary from one loan to another, but to qualify , you must have a stable income and meet the minimum credit requirements. While some situations require a down payment, we have other options that require $0 down or a very low down payment.
Q. why is it better to finance with gershman mortgage than my bank? Although you may have banked with the same instruction for years , you need something tailored to your unique needs when seeking a home loan. you may be surprised to learn that that larger banks often have fewer lending options. We offer many options other lenders don’t
Q. What if I have already been pre-approved by my bank and just want another option? is the OK? Yes! You need to feel good about your lending decision.
Q. I’m ready to apply. What should I expect? First , you’ll need to gather several documents , including personal and financial information.